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Recent publications

  • Chiara Francalanci, Barbara Pernici, Gabriele Scalia, Gunter Zeug, Talking about places: Considering context in geolocation of images extracted from tweets, Short paper, GI-Forum, Salzburg, July 2018
  • Gabriele Scalia, Matteo Pelucchi, Alessandro Stagni, Tiziano Faravelli and Barbara Pernici: Storing combustion data experiments: new requirements emerging from a first prototype, position paper, SAVE-SD WWW Workshop, April 2018
  • Barbara Pernici, Chiara Francalanci, Gabriele Scalia, Marco Corsi, Domenico Grandoni and Mariano A. Biscardi, Geolocating social media posts for emergency mapping, demo paper, SWDM 2018, Los Angeles, Feb. 2018 link.
  • Clemens Havas, Bernd Resch, Chiara Francalanci, Barbara Pernici, Gabriele Scalia, Jose Luis Fernandez-Marquez, Tim Van Achte, Gunter Zeug, Rosy Mondardini, Domenico Grandoni, Birgit Kirsch, Milan Kalas, Valerio Lorini, Stefan RüpingE2mC: Improving Emergency Management Service Practice through Social Media and Crowdsourcing Analysis in Near Real Time, Sensors, 17(12), 2017 link
  • C. Cappiello, C. Cerletti, C. Fratto, and B. Pernici, Validating data quality actions in scoring processes, ACM Journal on Information and Data Quality, Jan. 2018

Call for papers

ICIS 2018 Service Science Track link (deadline May 2, 2018)

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