• Scientific models: big data validation, visualization, and cooperative processes. Several  theses are available in the area  of investigating how, given a large set of experimental data and a set of existing models which should approximate them, it is possible to automatically evaluate the performance of the computational model models. The thesis deals with combustion data, but no preliminary knowledge in chemistry is required. The thesis is in the fields of information systems, data science, collaborative work and machine learning. The following topics are currently proposed:
    • clustering of experiments, with point series analysis
    • visualization of groups of experiments in a big data context
    • collaboration processes in data sciences

The research is in the domain of combustion kinetic modelling (chemical engineering field), where models are continuously developed and must be tested and improved on real data. However, the same techniques investigated in this thesis could also be applied to many other fields. Contact: and link to reference paper

  • Quality analysis of social network information in emergency situations.  The thesis will focus on quality aspects of the information gathered from geolocated tweets, and in particular images, in particular analyzing the precision of the image geolocation. Paper to read if you are interested in this topic: link
  • Benchmarking the benchmarks for big data systems. The thesis will analyze how companies use benchmarking tools, benchmark characteristics, and possible analysis dimensions (for an introduction to the topic see the website of the DataBench project)

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  • Digital Technology (in English)
  • Progetto di Ingegneria Informatica – web site (titolare del corso nell’aa 2018-19 sarà il Prof. Zanero)

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For Polimi IT Master students: Honours programme “Scientific Research in Information Technology” – (Comp. Sci. and Eng. topics here)

For Polimi Master students: Honours programme “Engineering for Sustainable Development” at Politecnico di Milano (link)

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