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  • Carlo Bono, Mehmet Oguz Mülâyim, Cinzia Cappiello, Mark Carman,
    Jesus Cerquides, Jose Luis Fernandez-Marquez, Rosy Mondardini,
    Edoardo Ramalli, Barbara Pernici, A Citizen Science approach for analysing social media with crowdsourcing, IEEE Access, Vol. 11, pp. 15329 – 15347, 2023
  • E. Ramalli, B. Pernici, Knowledge Graph Embedding for Experimental Uncertainty Estimation, Information Discovery and Delivery, 2023 link
  • E.  Ramalli, T. Dinelli, A. Nobili, A. Stagni, B. Pernici, T. Faravelli, Automatic validation and analysis of predictive models by means of big data and data science, Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. 454, part 3 link
  • G. Scalia, C. Francalanci, B. Pernici, CIME: Context-aware geolocation of emergency-related posts, Geoinformatica, 2022 link
  • S. Geisler, M.-E. Vidal, C. Cappiello, B. Farias Lóscio, A. Gal, M. Jarke, M. Lenzerini, P. Missier, B. Otto, E. Paja, B. Pernici, J. Rehof, Knowledge-driven Data Ecosystems Towards Data Transparency, ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality, vol. 14, 1, 2022

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