Teaching and theses

Tesi/ Thesis topics

    • Quality analysis of social network information in emergency situations.
      The thesis will focus on quality aspects of the information gathered from geolocated tweets, and in particular images, and information extracted from other sources (e.g. GDACS). Paper to read if you are interested in this topic: link
    • thesis topic: integrating information from different sources (using word embeddings in text analysis and data quality techniques)
    • Federated Learning in Scientific Data Ecosystems.
      Investigating how, given a large set of experimental data and a set of existing models for simulating experiments, it is possible to automatically evaluate precision of the data and/or the models. The models deal with combustion data, but no preliminary knowledge in chemistry is required. Thesis Topic: in the field of information systems, applying federated machine learning techniques.
    • Data quality in process mining
      The thesis concerns the evaluation of the impact on process mining of data quality problems. In particular focusing of analysis of delays due timeliness issues. Thesis topic: in the field of information systems, using data quality and process mining techniques, with a focus on trials in the juridical sector.
  • If you are interested in some of the topics, look at the suggested readings and then write me for an appointment.

  • Courses:
    • Information Systems (in Italian) – see information and teaching material on WeBeep
    • Digital Technology (in English) – see information and teaching material on WeBeep

    Other opportunities

    For Polimi IT Master students: Honours programme “Scientific Research in Information Technology”  (link)

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    please send a message to barbara.pernici at polimi.it for an appointment