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  • S. Geisler, M.-E. Vidal, C. Cappiello, B. Farias Lóscio, A. Gal, M. Jarke, M. Lenzerini, P. Missier, B. Otto, E. Paja, B. Pernici, J. Rehof, Knowledge-driven Data Ecosystems Towards Data Transparency, accepted for publication on ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality, 2021
  • V. Negri, D. Scuratti, S. Agresti, D. Rooein, G. Scalia, J. L. Fernandez-Marquez, A. Ravi Shankar, M. Carman and B.Pernici, Image-based Social Sensing: Combining AI and the Crowd to Mine Policy-Adherence Indicators from Twitter, accepted at ICSE. Track Software Engineering in Society, May 2021 link
  • G. Scalia, C. Grambow, B. Pernici, T.P. Li, W. Green, Evaluating Scalable Uncertainty Estimation Methods for Deep Learning Based Molecular Property Prediction, Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, June 2020 (link)
  • Donya Rooein, Devis Bianchini, Francesco Leotta, Massimo Mecella, Paolo Paolini and Barbara Pernici, Chatting about processes in digital factories: A model-based approach, BPMDS 2020

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Call for proposals: Polimi SpringerBriefs Series (details for submissions in Intranet)

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