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A PhD position on Process mining for Judiciary in the PhD Programme in Information Technology at Politecnico di Milano is available.
The call will be opened  on May 31 on, deadline June 29, 2023

Interested candidates can write to

Recent publications

  • Carlo A. Bono, Cinzia Cappiello, Barbara Pernici, Edoardo Ramalli, Monica Vitali, Pipeline Design for Data Preparation for Social Media Analysis, ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality, in press,
  • Carlo Bono, Mehmet Oguz Mülâyim, Cinzia Cappiello, Mark Carman,
    Jesus Cerquides, Jose Luis Fernandez-Marquez, Rosy Mondardini,
    Edoardo Ramalli, Barbara Pernici, A Citizen Science approach for analysing social media with crowdsourcing, IEEE Access, Vol. 11, pp. 15329 – 15347, 2023
  • E. Ramalli, B. Pernici, Knowledge Graph Embedding for Experimental Uncertainty Estimation,  Information Discovery and Delivery, 2023 link
  • E.  Ramalli, T. Dinelli, A. Nobili, A. Stagni, B. Pernici, T. Faravelli, Automatic validation and analysis of predictive models by means of big data and data science, Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol. 454, part 3, Feb. 2023 link
  • G. Scalia, C. Francalanci, B. Pernici, CIME: Context-aware geolocation of emergency-related posts, Geoinformatica, 2022 link
  • S. Geisler, M.-E. Vidal, C. Cappiello, B. Farias Lóscio, A. Gal, M. Jarke, M. Lenzerini, P. Missier, B. Otto, E. Paja, B. Pernici, J. Rehof, Knowledge-driven Data Ecosystems Towards Data Transparency, ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality, vol. 14, 1, 2022

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