Crowd4SDG tools @ PoliMi

VisualCit – Image-based social sensing toolbox 

Extracting relevant and useful information about situation from Twitter has a great potential to give visual evidence through images and videos.

A short video on VisualCit is available on YouTube (link)

With VisualCit social media analysis tools you can:

  • Crawl twitter with your own keywords to search with posts with images
  • Associate locations to posts, event if tweets are not natively geolocated
  • Apply selected filters (e.g., Not Suitable for Work, Photo/no Photo, Public/Private, People)
  • Use the Project Builder of Citizen Science Center in Zurich to build a crowdsourcing project and let the crowd answer your questions
  • Build thematic maps based on the crowdsourced information

VisualCit pipeline

For an example of use of the tools see the following page

The code of VisualCit is available in GitLab at the following link

A detailed description of the pipeline software components is available here.
An introduction video is provided here

Try it!

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