Interconnecting Processes through IoT in a Health-Care Scenario

by Monica Vitali and Barbara Pernici, Politecnico di Milano

accepted for publication at IEEE Smart cities Conference ISC2 2016, Trento, 12-15 September 2016

Abstract—In the context of health and social care, it is important to provide assistance to individuals in their own home by coordinating the activities of several actors. The coordination of processes of different organizations is a complex task which requires continuous attention. Process mining techniques have been widely used to discover hidden information useful to understand the behaviour of a single process. Thanks to the spread of Internet of Things (IoT), this complex activity can benefit from the huge amount of data collected for other purposes. In this paper we propose techniques for exploiting the information available in the environment, considering several sources of information to analyse and interconnect business processes. We apply the proposed approach to a health-care scenario enriched with IoT devices. The proposed techniques allows the discovery of interconnections between processes and external factors which have an impact on them.