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  • Andrea Autelitano, Barbara Pernici, Gabriele Scalia, Spatio-temporal mining of keywords for social media cross-social crawling of emergency events, Geoinformatica, Springer, accepted for publication
  • Gabriele Scalia, Matteo Pelucchi, Alessandro Stagni, Alberto Cuoci, Tiziano Faravelli, Barbara Pernici, A scientific data framework to support scientific model development, Data Science, IOS Press, accepted for publication
  • Andrea Marrella, Massimo Mecella, Barbara Pernici, Pierluigi Plebani,
  • A design-time data-centric maturity model for assessing resilience in multi-party business processes, Information Systems, 2018 link
  • Pernici, Chiara Francalanci, Angela Geronazzo, Lucia Polidori, Stefano Ray, Leonardo Riva, Arne Jørgen Berre and Todor Ivanov, “Big Data key performance indicators”, accepted for presentation at the XV edition of the itAIS conference, Pavia, Oct. 2018 (link)
  • Andrea Autelitano, Barbara Pernici and Gabriele Scalia, Spatio-temporal mining of keywords for cross-social crawling of emergency events, MATES Workshop @ VLDB 2018, Rio de Janeiro, Aug. 2018
  • Scalia, Matteo Pelucchi, Alessandro Stagni, Tiziano Faravelli and Barbara Pernici: Storing combustion data experiments: new requirements emerging from a first prototype, position paper, SAVE-SD WWW Workshop, April 2018
  • C. Cappiello, C. Cerletti, C. Fratto, and B. Pernici, Validating data quality actions in scoring processes, ACM Journal on Information and Data Quality, Jan. 2018


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